Workshop-3 Sexuality Awareness Workshop for Teenagers

Adolescence is a phase marked by rebellion, anger, peer pressure, high risk appetite and also… confusion.

Confusion in sexual matters arises from not having accurate and/or sufficient information. And such confusion can lead to inappropriate sexual behavior which affects not only the individuals involved but also the ecosystems they occupy. Unfortunately, this is happening increasingly in urban India. Educational institutions, apartment complexes and other spaces have become hosts to inappropriate sexual behavior exhibited by adolescents. This alarming issue can be addressed to a great extent with the help of our Sex Awareness for adolescents workshop.


  • Children belonging to a particular age group are addressed together (for example: 6th and 7th standard children).
  • Children of only one gender are addressed at a time in order to allow them to express themselves fully and honestly.
  • Adolescents are naturally curious about sex. And they seldom get the opportunity to ask any and every question regarding sex to an adult. This workshop uses their curiosity to initiate a healthy dialogue.
  • No assumptions are made regarding the extent of the children’s sexual maturity. A child’s extent of sexual maturity or immaturity is determined by age, type of school, type of residence, access to sexual content etc. So we address the classroom at their wavelength – after ascertaining what their wavelength is.

Message of the workshop 

  • To become sexually active, a person needs more than mere knowledge. Judgment is crucial. Acquiring judgment takes time. It is the responsibility of society to safeguard innocence of children who aren’t yet ready to learn certain facts related to sex. Older children share this responsibility with adults.
  • inappropriate sexual behavior is not permissible as per the law. And acting thus can result in legal consequences.


  • The innocence of younger children is protected
  • The inappropriate behavior of older children is curbed
  • The older children acquire accurate and sufficient sexual information from a competent adult, thereby putting their confusions to rest.
  • Adults in the ecosystem can feel more relaxed on this front.

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