Workshop-2 Child Sex Abuse Awareness for Parents and Adults

Parents and adults have a horde of questions starting from “Is this issue relevant to me?” to “How can I safeguard my children or children I care about?”

Objectives of workshop

  • Fully understand and accept the magnitude of threat posed by Child Sex Abuse
  • Learn the simple techniques through which they can empower their child to protect itself from Child Sex Abuse
  • Effectively handle abuse situations and thereby safeguard their child
  • Feel total peace of mind regarding their child’s safety

Content of the workshop

  • Defining Child Sex Abuse
  • Dissolving the denial against the existence of Child Sex Abuse via powerful real-life stories
  • Presenting typical profiles of the Abuser
  • Demystifying the human body – naming our private parts
  • Teaching caregivers how they can empower children to take charge of their own bodies
  • Teaching caregivers simple yet effective vocabulary that will help them discuss Child Sex Abuse with the children.
  • Measures to be taken if the abuse has happened

Age limit : 18 years and above, we strongly recommend men and women both to       participate in this workshop. The workshop is not limited to mothers and women only.

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