Workshop-1 Body Safety and Empowerment Workshop for Children








A powerful workshop full of fun and games- empowering children to combat ‘sexual abuse’, without using ‘those words’.

  Objectives of workshop :

  • Realize that they have absolute rights over their own body
  • Respect their own feelings about how others touch them
  • Handle potentially dangerous situations effectively and on their own
  • Seek the help of a trusted adult to further protect themselves

Content of the workshop :

  • Proper scientific names of the private parts
  • Safe and unsafe touch
  • Secret gifts
  • Right to say NO
  • Talk talk talk till you are heard
  • 5 minutes skit to describe a potentially dangerous situation

Age Limit : 4-10 years (However we keep it flexible based on the development and exposure of children)

Duration : 30-45 minutes, we also talk to children who wish to speak with us after the workshop. From our experience, they share a lot when they get comfortable.

Results Speak : Even a 4-year-old children are capable of assimilating and implementing the message of our workshops.

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