People 1

Dr Vani Khare (Founder and CEO)

Vani holds a PhD degree in biotechnology and she has been involved with Academia and corporate scientific sectors for past 10 years. In 2012 she came across few victims who faced severe trauma of sexual abuse during their childhood. Their stories affected her deeply and she decided to do more research on the topic. She was in for a shock. The crime of child sexual abuse prevails all over the world. In india alone, 53% children suffer from sexual abuse. Her only question was  “how can anyone do this to an innocent child?” She soon realized, that there is a more complicated dynamics than just the act of abuse itself-ranging from lack of awareness to shame, judgement, silence, guilt and fear. She immediately realized it’s her calling, and she has to answer it.   Her answer was FAiTH, an open forum to discuss and combat abuse. A dedicated platform to provide empowerment to children, teenagers and adults. At the age of 36 Vani is a proud mother of more than 10000 empowered children and teenagers world wide. Their smiles give her the reason to keep walking on the path she has chosen for herself.  Click here to listen to Vani talking about her journey and FAiTH.

Rahul Rajan Khare ( Co-Founder and President )

Rahul is a very talented Corporate professional with extremely rich experience of working with corporate giants like LG, GE, Centum, Flextronics .  Rahul has a traveler heart and he has travelled across the globe to U.S.A, Europe, Korea, and Malaysia were some of his docking points in the past. His base is Singapore at the moment. He has been the pillar of strength and support for FAiTH. He has poured his knowledge and experience in strategic planing and execution of FAiTH. Under his strict watch FAiTH continues to grow and improve. Rahul is currently involved in spreading the work of FAiTH in various South East Asian countries. Rahul loves spending time with children, teaching them various sports like tennis, badminton and cycling. To know more about Rahul click here.

Eshwar Sunderesan (Co-Founder and Head of Training, Victim support, Research and Development FAiTH India)

Eshwar is the think tank of FAiTH. Famous for his immaculate writing skills, Eshwar is a known name in Indian Literary circles. He is a successful writer, trainer and counsellor. He has an eye for details and each workshop provided by FAiTH go through his strict scrutiny.  Every sentence used in the workshops is analyzed to it’s minute details, because Eshwar knows that we are dealing with a vulnerable audience and this doesn’t allow us the space for error. Eshwar is the innovator, developer and training head. He handpicks the talent and grooms them to be the Trainers for FAiTH. Thanks to his rich knowledge of working with trauma victims, Eshwar is also developing our victim support group. To know more about Eshwar click here.

Jayshankar ( Head of Operation, Administration and Networks FAiTH India )

Jay, as we call him, prefers to stay backstage. However without his experience and efforts it would be impossible to run FAiTH smoothly. Jay maintains the rules, policies and overall operations of FAiTH. Due to his great networking skills, we get our

Priya Singh ( Lead Trainer – Delhi NCR)

Malvika Chatterjee ( Lead trainer- Bangalore)

Gaurav Harish ( Youth wing Leader )

Rajeshwari Nag (Trainer Bangalore)

Debjani Biswas (Trainer Bangalore)

Saara (Youth volunteer)

Sumiran Chettri ( Youth volunteer)

Priyam Chettri ( Youth Volunteer )

Ian Crsata  (Youth Volunteer)



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