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Vani Khare (Founder)

Vani holds a PhD degree in biotechnology and she has been involved with Academia and corporate scientific sectors for past 10 years. She founded FAiTH Foundation- a dedicated platform to provide empowerment to children, teenagers and adults. She started her journey in Bangalore and her work is now spread in Singapore and Cambodia too.  She also became a member of United Nation Woman’s Organization Singapore (Singapore Committee of  UN Women) Click here ( to listen to Vani talking about her journey and FAiTH.


Eshwar Sundaresan (Co Founder)

Eshwar is the think tank of FAiTH. Famous for his immaculate writing skills, Eshwar is a known name in Indian Literary circles. He is a successful writer, trainer and counsellor. He has an eye for details and each workshop provided by FAiTH go through his strict scrutiny.  Every sentence used in the workshops is analyzed to it’s minute details, because Eshwar knows that we are dealing with a vulnerable audience and this doesn’t allow us the space for error. Eshwar is the innovator, developer and training head. He handpicks the talent and grooms them to be the Trainers for FAiTH. Thanks to his rich knowledge of working with trauma victims, Eshwar is also developing our victim support group. To know more about Eshwar click here (


Harish Bhuvan (Trainer and Cause Development )

‘Harish Bhuvan is a trainer, facilitator and medical clown. He left his job at IIT Bombay to follow his passion of contributing towards the well being of children. Since then he has been attached with esteemed hospitals and hospices of India working with terminally ill children and their caregivers. His unique mélange of clowning elements and counseling techniques to release the disease induced trauma in children has been admired in media and public alike. He founded an organization Compassionate Clowns which is doing remarkable task of spreading love and laughter in the life of vulnerable children. At Faith Foundation Harish wears various hats, he is dedicated towards the development of cause by bringing in like minded collaborators together. He is also a master trainer and facilitator. He educates children and young adults on the field to resist sexual abuse. Going forward Harish aspires to blend in his clowning elements with the therapeutic essentials required to release the ordeal of childhood sexual abuse faced by survivors and victims.’


Malvika Chaterjee (Lead Trainer)

Malvika is a trained counselor. She was a banking professional who is now dedicated towards gero-counseling. At FAiTH Foundation, she trains and raises awareness among adult audience, such as parents and caretaker. With her unique style and deep understanding of the issue in hand Malvika has already done empowering workshops in various schools of Bangalore addressing the issue of ‘Child Sexual Abuse’ out loud with parents.


Raajeshwari Nag (Lead Trainer)

Raajeshwari is a trained counselor who also runs her own counseling center- ‘Ajna Counseling and Training’. She loves working with children and she has done preventive workshops with children in schools and orphanages. She also reaches out to native language speaking Audience in Bangalore.


Gaurav Harish (Lead Trainer and  Youth Team Development)

Gaurav is an enthusiastic Youth volunteer from M.S. Ramaiah College Bangalore. As part of his social experiment group ‘Project Y ‘Gaurav and his team has organized many courageous social campaign for FAiTH Foundation. His team is a great asset to FAiTH Foundation. They have been working with many childcare home and orphanages –teaching children about safe and unsafe touch.

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