IMG_3433FAiTH is a registered (BKIV37815-16) non-profit organization that works on spreading awareness about the existence and prevention of Child Sex Abuse. Additionally, we also help victims of Child Sex Abuse rehabilitate themselves so that they can lead full lives. Please contact us to conduct a workshop in your community. Together, we can ensure that Child Sex Abuse is relegated to history.

Our Vision

 Ensure that no child experiences the trauma of sexual abuse.

Child Sex Abuse is an unnatural phenomenon. In other words, the phenomenon exists but rarely in nature. Certain species exhibit paedophilia in order to strengthen social bonding (eg: Bonobos) and some other practise it to survive despite their short life spans (eg: stoats). And even in these instances, the phenomenon is not exploitative in nature.

In human beings, however, it is exploitative and therefore traumatic, with the possibility of lifelong impact on the victim unless the after effects are proactively addressed. The fact that the victims are innocent children makes the issue even more grotesque.

We believe that Child Sex Abuse has no place in civilized society. Happy children do.


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