Awareness Program on Child Abuse for Responsible Adults and Parents – 7th Feb 2015 in Association with ‘The Vaidya-Bangalore’

FAiTH conducted a child sexual abuse awareness program at The Vaidya for 17 extremely knowledgeable adults which included parents, caregivers and educationists. For the first time, the audience was able to identify every single reason why a child doesn’t talk about abuse – without our prompting! Urban India seems to be getting more aware. Yet another small victory against this silent menace. India is changing. One happy child at a time. I’m privileged to be a part of this journey – Eshwar Sundaresan 

The program was conducted by two of our extremely talented trainers Eshwar Sundaresan and Malvika Chatterjee. Both of them are dedicated to spread awareness against Child sex abuse. Their Unique style and well researched content makes audience to think and introspect about the issue. In the second part of presentation we provide tips about how to talk to the children which parents find very useful.


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